​Custom built speed carts.  Very light weight   Great for trails and speed classes. $950 plus S&H

Custom Wagon, 4 wheels flat free tires, tongue marine varish for wear, 2 seats, powder coated. Contact us for details and pricing.

Custom Wagon

​Donkey Hollow Farm

Stall Gates

​Curt is currently making gates to be used at events, placed in place of the stall door. We have found out that the anxiety of the minis without being able to see over the top is harsh on their systems. He created this stall gate, it is attached with clamps that must be screwed into the wood of the stall. It is basically a light weight square tubed gate.

​$50 per gate unpainted, $60 per gate painted, multiple gates discount, does not include shipping and handling. These are 2 stall gates side by side. They are 5 feet long and 4 feet tall.

Custom Gates

​Custom Gates made to order, 3/4 inch square tubing, farm initial, possible silhouettes.

Custom Carts

Curt Harralson is building carts. He can build a cart for single with a conversion, also a surry style top. Inquire for prices, tires, dimensions, wood, etc.