CbarChass Blackstone AKA Stoney

Dam CbarChass Ebony

Sire Sunset Acres Radio Flyer

Stoney is green broke to cart and for sale.


CbarChass BJ

BJ came to the Hollow in 2010. The Hollow rescued a heard of 9 donkeys and he was one of the foals.

We were able to establish original ownership, both his parents were registered and we then registered BJ. He was cart trained in the fall of 2012 and completed in the spring of 2013. BJ was driven in the Crane Broiler Fest Parade 2013 and was shown at Ozark Mule Days 2013.  BJ will be team driving trained with Bobo in the fall of 2013. The driver is yet to be determined?

Braying Hills Burner

Burner came to the Hollow with Gilroy. They both began their show season by entering the Ozark Mule Days of 2010. Burner is independent as well and can usually be handled by any experienced driver. Burns team successes include:

  • Kansas State Fair Pleasure Driving Champion 2011, driven by Kathy Cox.
  • Missouri State Fair 2013 Champion Gelding. Shown by Tuffy Essary.
  • Kansas State Fair 2013 Team Pole Bending Champion.
  • Kansas State Fair Grand Team Champion 2013

​Burner's driving partner is Braying Hills Gilroy. Driven by Curt Harralson.

CbarChass Bobo

Bobo has been in the Hollow since he was 6 months old also. Purchased as a jack, realizing he was going to be too tall, he became a performance gelding.

Bobo is used to team train in the Hollow.

Our Grandson Hunter loves Bobo. Hunter is learning to drive Bobo without assistance and hopes to show him in the near future.

Bobo is going to be team trained with CbarChass BJ as his partner in the fall of 2013.

​They may be seen in the 2014 show ring?

Rancho Galleano Brando

​We purchased Brando when he was 6 months old from Jackie Galleano, Kansas.

He was cart trained here and has done well in the show ring. His successes include:

  • OEF Snigging Champion 2013.
  •  Kansas State Fair 2012-2013 Team Pleasure Driving Champion

​Brando is an independent donkey and can be driven and shown easily by anyone.

Brando's driving partner is Shadow. They are driven by Carolyn Harralson.

Braying Hills Gilroy

Gilroy came to the Hollow in 2010.  He is Curt's performance donkey, trained and driven by Curt.

Gilroy is a joy to watch in the ring. Gil's team partner is Burner, driven by Curt Harralson. His successes include:

  • OEF 2011 Reserve Grand Champion Donkey
  • Kansas State Fair 2013 Coon Jump Champion
  • Kansas State Fair 2013 Team Pole Bending Champion
  • ​Kansas State Fair Team Grand Champion

​Continue to watch and see what Gil can do.

CbarChass Shadow

Shadow is a 9 year old gelding. Shadow is team driven with Brando and driven by Carolyn Harralson.  He is a performance donkey and the first ever trained at Donkey Hollow. Shadow's successes include:

  • ​Wisconsin State Fair 1st in Pleasure Driving.
  • NMDA National Show Team Pleasure Driving Champion 2014
  • Missouri State​ Fair Stake Race Champion 2009-11-12-13-14
  • Missouri Gelding 1st place 2012
  • OEF Snigging Champion 2012
  • Kansas State Fair Gelding 2nd 2012
  • Kansas State Fair Team Pleasure Driving Champion 2012-13

Shadow continues to surprise in the show ring and seems to enjoy team driving more than ever.

Harralson Donkey Hollow