CbarChass Black Night,  BK

Dam The Elms Sparkling Night Sky

Sire CbarChass Buster Gene

Spotted Sire.  Performance prospect.

Inquires welcomed.

CbarChass Mahogany Queen

Dam Braying Hills Trisha

Sire Sunset Acres Radio Flyer

Beautiful Red with garters

Inquires Welcomed.

CbarChass Amaziah

Dam Gardners Leticia Louise

Sire The Elms Red Hot Wind

Inquires welcomed.  Will be small

17 inches at birth..21 at 2 months

CbarChass Cocoa

2015 model

Nice NLP gray.  Maturing to approximately 32


Inquiries welcomed.

Harralson Donkey Hollow Donkeys for Sale

​CbarChass Mahogany King.  King is a well put together donkey and is a potential herd sire. He is a August 2017 foal.  He will have a rich red color and is already showing his personality.  King is available at $1000

CbarChass BoJangles coming 3 year old Jack.

​BoJ is being used as a sire, with the intention of cart training early fall.  He is for sale at $2000. He has already been in the show ring and has placed well.  Proven.  First Foal fall of 2017

CbarChass Peppers Ruff Tres

​Dam Heikens Ark Red Hot Pepper

​Sire Sunset Acres Radio Flyer

​Inquires welcomed

CbarChass Blackstone AKA Stoney

Stoney is a 5 year old green broke cart trained gelding. He is a stocky donkey 34.5 inches tall.

Stoney was walked through this parade and has more work to be a proven driver.  If not sold this spring he will be in the show ring this summer.


​CbarChass Sparky J ​a black gelding.  Conformationally sound and nice.

​.  $800

​Photo soon