Harralson Donkey Hollow  Has 5 2017 foals for sale.  As well  there are 3 mature jennets that will be sold.

​CbarChass Mahogany King.  King is a well put together donkey and is a potential herd sire. He is a August 2017 foal.  He will have a rich red color and is already showing his personality.  King is available at $1000

CbarChass BoJangles coming 3 year old Jack.

​BoJ is being used as a sire, with the intention of cart training early fall.  He is for sale at $2000. He has already been in the show ring and has placed well.  Proven.  First Foal fall of 2017

CbarChass Blackstone AKA Stoney

Stoney is a 5 year old green broke cart trained gelding. He is a stocky donkey 34.5 inches tall.

Stoney was walked through this parade and has more work to be a proven driver.  If not sold this spring he will be in the show ring this summer.


​Meet Ike and Mike a grade team of 34 inch geldings.  Drive both single and team. Mike and Ike are in a sale Pending.  They will head to Ohio in April.

Harralson Donkey Hollow Donkeys for Sale

​CbarChass Sparky J ​a black gelding.  Conformationally sound and nice.

​.  $800

​Photo soon

CbarChass Perfections Dream Aka Dreamer

​A July 2017 foal.  A frosted Spotted White.

​Dreamer is currently for sale at $900.  He is headed to therapy training for equine assisted therapy activities in March of 2017 SOLD

​Emily Hopinik Maryland