Honkey Donk

A 4 year old gelding. He is a sweetheart, Honkey is 32 inches tall and mature. He would make someone a wonderful pet and or a cart donkey.

For Sale $250


​Mascot for JMS Mini Horse Farm, Wentworth, MO

Mamba is her name. She is a 7 year old jennet. No papers, sheds off black. She is Barts' Mother.

She stands at 32 inches.

Mamba lives in Forsythe with Shawn Dame.  She is a horse buddy to Macy and her new name is ESEL

Bart is sold. He will be heading to Crane to live with Dennis and Valerie and his new found mini horses. Thank you for giving him such a good home.

CbarChass Buster is currently NFS. A wool genetic jack. Buster is being used to breed our wooly nlp brown jennet Emma. He is sired by Cloud Peak Buster Blue and his dam is Gardners Rosanne. 

HarralsonDonkey Hollow


SOLD headed to West Plains with Ken and Cyndi Hill.

CbarChass Doc Holiday 2013 foal. Gelded.

Doc may have the wooly genetic?

He is going to be small. Sire is Cloud Peak Buster Blue and Dam is C& L Liberty. For sale at $4oo


Ruffy JR is now a part of RollingD Farm, owned by Bill and Jenny Davis and Aaron
CbarChass Ruffy JR 2013 foal

Ruffy's sire is Sunset Acres Radio Flyer, dam is The Elms Fifies Flair.

CbarChass BJ 4 year old gelding

BJ is No longer for sale as he is now part of Team 3 in the Hollow.

Donkeys Sold

CbarChass Queen, headed to Clinton. Congrats Clifton family for acquiring a nice jennet.

​CbarChass Sammy Sold as a driving gelding.

Sammy now lives in Emporia, Kansas with Stephanie Sullivan and family. Sammy is special.

CbarChass Maddie Sold. Clifton family, Clinton.

CbarChass Elijay.  Elijah has been sold and will be living with the Duane Randall family of Linn Creek, Mo.  Have fun with those girls..

CbarChass Poppys Ghost.  Sold to Duane Randall and family, LinnCreek, Missouri.

CbarChass Thyme, sold to Rick Clifton and family, Clinton, Mo. Congrats

CbarChass FireFly SOLD Clifton Family Fire was gelded and is a great donkeyl.