RIP William Edgar Bond, Neighbor Bill

Memorial Weekend is the Kansas Donkey Days show. Our grandson makes this show his favorite.

Harralson Donkey Hollow



Donkey Hollow has been raising and breeding miniature donkeys since 2003.  We currently have the strongest pedigreed stock since our beginning. Our goal is to raise a quality performance donkey for the purpose of competition. We expect our donkeys to be built stronger to ensure the ability to perform at competition level  with the best.

Members of ADMS and NMDA. We can be found on and



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 Already the beginnings to a crazy year. We rescued 8 donkeys from a home which was unable to provide the proper nourishment and care. We have placed all the rescues to permanent homes. God is good. thank you

April 28, 29, 30 May 1.  We will

be hosting a driving weekend. Obstacles will be set up, driving on the road and at Whispering Ponies Ranch is planned.



Our pedigrees are varied. We currently use 4 jacks in our breeding program. 

Our proven herdsires' are Sunset Acres Radio Flyer, a 32 3/4 inch red jack and Cloud Peak Buster Blue, a 33 1/2 inch gray and white spotted jack.   We have added The Elms Red Hot Wind a 31.75 inch red jack. Red Wind is a 5 year old Red Jack. 

We  have 9 geldings trained to cart. They are all trained to drive single and 6 can combine to drive in 3 teams.

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